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Fabric structures make excellent hangars for commercial aviation.Fabric structures make excellent hangars for commercial aviation-greyscale. Aviation
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Taurus Fabric Build – Competencies

1. Taurus supplies Small to Medium sized Fabric Structures to 25m wide:


Taurus Fabric Build supplies fabric structures for 100’s of uses.

Taurus Fabric Build staff have been supplying smaller fabric structures to the Australian and International markets since 2005.  Often our customers require a cost effective solution, and in many cases the option to relocate the structure in the future. Typical uses include mining maintenance facilities, aircraft hangars or mobile fabric structures for concreting or maintenance. They also are used for school yard shade, stock yard covers, logistics providers depots and extra space for manufacturers. The fabric structures compact shipping volume, reduces transport costs and the ease of installation makes them ideal for remote locations. Keeping the workforce in a comfortable and safe work environment increases productivity, with the payback period is swift in most cases.

2. Large Fabric Structures to 60m wide: The Taurus team would like to work with you:

Taurus Fabric Build can look after all your major structure needs.

When it comes to major fabric structures the Taurus team can give you a variety of options. These large fabric structures are perfect for hangars, dry docks, bulk materials storage, extensive sales areas, sports stadiums, riding arena’s and warehousing. The strong frames can be engineered to mount a gantry on. For warehousing, pallet racking between the uprights can be included, so you can utilise the entire footprint of your structure.  Fabric structures can be made mobile on rails or wheels for shipping dry docks, or utilised in soil decontamination operations. The Taurus team’s aim is to provide a solution that meets your immediate needs, fnd the most cost effective option with a flexible future.

3. Taurus Installs and relocates Fabric Structures:

Taurus installation teams travel the world.

The Taurus Install team will go almost anywhere to install or relocate fabric structures. All installers are fully ticketed to work on a variety of mine and industrial sites. They are licenced to operate everything from Elevated Work Platforms, to forklifts, cranes and even aeroplanes. Safety is always at the forefront of planning and execution due to the potential risks when working with machinery at heights. A safety culture is maintained and we are always keeping an eye on our mates. Normally the Taurus team flies to site with light equipment. This mobility allows the team to service major cities and towns plus remote clients across the world. If you have a fabric clad building to install or relocate, you have found the best people for the job.

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