Bulk Storage

Bulk storage of materials in fabric structures

The bulk storage gallery and notes below highlight how materials can be stored under fabric structures

Bulk storage fabric structures – temperature control

Bulk storage

Bulk lime storage for processing at Mount Isa Mines

Fabric structures are ideal for bulk storage of materials in bags or loose. The temperature can be 10 to 15 degrees C cooler in hot climates. Normally the operators of the equipment will be in temperature controlled cabs. This may not be the case shifting bulk bags with forklifts. In loose bulk storage there is the regular manual work of the surveys monitoring the volume and quality control officers monitoring the quality. The lower temperatures can lift the quality and timeliness of their work.

Depending on what conditions the product is best stored at, it is possible to lift the temperature by using different covers, A white/white cover (white on the inside and outside) will turn your structure into a hot house if you need to sweat the product. The green cover is the coolest but UV light degrades it quicker than a white/silver, which tends to reflect the damaging rays.

Securing shipping containers

In the copper concentrate storage there is a very heavy product so the lower containers are ballasted by filling them with rubble, using a conveyor or bobcats. This makes them more robust when hit with loaders and there is no buckling from the pressure of the product which is pushed up to a 6-8m (19′ to 26′) peak.

Even though the ballast is sufficient to hold the loose material bulk storages down from an engineering perspective we always recommend footings as well, normally using 24mm “J Rods” to ensure that the considerable side forces from the product and equipment moving it do not cause the containers to shift.

Bulk storage fabric structures – environmental considerations

In the Mount Isa mines copper concentrate facilities they were required to be able to have doors on the storage so they could be sealed. Taurus Fabric Build designed and manufactured 7m high x 20m wide (22′ x 65′) manual lift door, as there was no access to power at the sites. These doors took about a minute to lift with an endless chain and there was a dead man brake so as they could not lower unintentionally. They were designed so as it would be simple to power them once electricity was to site.

Storage of ammonium nitrate in bags

The bulk storage fabric structure shown in the gallery was built in the early 2000’s by Allshelter and Taurus Fabric Build has upgraded the covers over the years as the Bajool storage is in a cyclone prone area. All new large fabric structures are built with web trusses.

Storage of Grain

Fabric structures are excellent multi use structures for farms. Often large square hay bales or corrugated iron are use along the sides and/or ends to increase grain holding capacity. When not used for grain they can be used for equipment or fertiliser storage, or even for sheep holding, keeping them dry at shearing time with the addition of portable fencing.

Wall materials for bulk storage

To summarise what we have on this page. Shipping containers, ballasted shipping containers or utilising out of date rail carriages. “T” blocks, waste concrete blocks and concrete bund or pony walls. These walls can be preformed with the slab, or a grove can be left in the slab and the walls created on the slab and lifted into the grooves when set. In the agriculture setting, corrugated iron and hay bales are often the choice of material. Use your imagination and look for potential recyclable materials.

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