Taurus Fabric Build – Capability Statement


Capability Statement

Taurus Fabric Build Pty Ltd

ACN 647 350 641


Originally Commenced 11th November 2011

Closed in 2017 then resumed  21/12/2020

Operations Director David Burston started in the industry in 2005

as a partner in Splash Business Group P/L



The Bunker,  97 McLeod St,  Cairns North, QLD 4870, Australia

Int +617 4037 9324  Mob 0400 030 835 Email: admin@tfb.net.au


Key Staff

Operations Director: David Burston
Ph: +617 4037 9324

Install Manager Australia: Ian Hargraves

Hangar TruscottOne of four fabric structures install at Truscott air base in  far north WA for Super Puma helicopters transporting staff to the Timor Sea gas fields.


Taurus Fabric Build Core Values

Owning the challenge

 If you have a building, need or relocation, or repair challenge, we will own it, and come back with potential solutions in a timely manner. Remote sites are not a problem, developing countries are not a problem, bullets and bombs…. are a problem, we will supply the structure, but we will let you put it up, with full phone support of course.

Whole-of-life profitability

 From cradle to grave, our focus is on, “How can we create the most efficient and profitable long term fabric structure solution, for your individual situation?”


We have the courage and integrity to make the hard decisions when potentially profitable projects compromises our values.

Environmental stewardship

 Our aim is to provide a building solution that reduces environmental impact, in terms of transport and material energy requirements, with lower impact end-of-life strategies. 

Relationships matter

 To solve our clients’ needs we listen deeply, are curious and are focused on producing outcomes we can all be proud of. Our relationships with all stakeholders are important to us.

Copper Concentrate storage

An example of a challenge

Four of six 26m wide x 36m long Mount Isa Mines copper concentrate storages, pictured above. The EPA conditions required 7m high by 20m wide commercially unprocurable doors in a tight time frame. The Taurus team designed the doors, opened a boilermakers shop in Cairns to manufacture them in the time frame, and delivered on time on budget. For scale note the person washing the 3rd door.

Who is Taurus Fabric Build?

Taurus Fabric Build provides solutions for all your permanent, temporary or relocatable structure requirements. Operations Director David Burston commenced marketing and installing fabric structures, both in Australia and overseas in 2005. 

In 2011 David formed Taurus Fabric Build Pty Ltd with UK Business Partner, Tom Hallam-Eames from Toro Shelters.  This relationship allowed Taurus to extend its design, sales and service on a global scale, reaching from the Austral-Asia Pacific region to Europe and Africa. Our head office is in Cairns with install teams available to service Australia and internationally. In 2016 the business was put into recess after David had health issues. Due to customer demand Taurus was restarted in December 2020.

What do we do?

We provide practical solutions for your maintenance facilities, goods storage, materials stockpiling, and operational structure needs.  If you require a building that is cool in hot environments, compact to transport, fast to install and that can be relocated with ease, we may well have the solution.  We source or create the most suitable designs, and supply and install the engineered fabric structures. Taurus Fabric Build also has experience in building and certifying painting areas in existing aircraft hangars.

The markets we service

Our primary markets are mining, aviation, marine, logistics, industry and agriculture. We supply a quality engineered fabric clad structures are simple to install and are cost effective, especially when you need the ability to relocate them in the future.  Our customers maybe  in a situation where they have short term tenure, or a project or use that has a limited lifespan. Alternatively, if their business is growing, they want the flexibility to move the structures in the future.  In remote locations, they offer efficient transportation and ease of installing.

Taurus understands the needs of businesses working in hot, humid, and sometimes very wet environments, with potential lightning shutdowns. This enables us to offer advice on the design and orientation of structures so they are more productivity, efficiency, and profitable.

Aviation Hangars and Painting Areas:

Taurus supplies a large range of aircraft hangars, which are ideal for urban or remote airports and air strips. We are experienced in dividing existing hangars for aircraft as large as a Boeing 737’s, to create temporary bays for painting aircraft. Our comprehensive service includes design, installation, exhaust fans, lighting and full certification to meet all aviation and fire standards. The benefit is that you only lose the maintenance capacity of you hangar for the time it takes you to paint your aircraft.


Our install team is fully qualified and ticketed to operate on Australian mine sites and can operate around the world. No matter how remote your site, we are able to provide an install team, or an on-site supervisor who will ensure the install is performed efficiently, or we can provide a free phone support for your own install team.

Some Shelter Styles we have installed:

Six structures up to 15m high structures installed for servicing mining equipment in Sabodala Senegal West Africa


26m wide x 56m long shelters installed at Mount Isa in 2011 for Toll transport to allow 4 x B-Quads (road train with 4 trailers) to be unloaded at once.


One of the two mobile shelters at Boddington Bauxite mine in WA to repair the 45km conveyor belts taking product to the coast.


Mining workshops installed in the Kalgoorlie region, 15m apex, 18m wide, 12m deep for Alliance Contracting by the Taurus Fabric Build team.


John Holland Aviation Boat Shed Hangar

A 737 aircraft painting area designed, manufactured on site and installed at Tullamarine for John Holland Aviation. A mobile curtain track beam and two curtains, 60m deep  and 40m across the face, with a  22m drop and 8m infill to the roof, were used to seal off 30% of the hangar on a temporary basis.


Part of 4,000m2 of warehousing installed in New Caledonia. Installed by Taurus’s New Caledonian agent Blakiston Vallino.


A Shelter similar to one leased and installed in Vietnam to local Jetstar subsidiary to be used for 737 maintenance. Install subcontracted.



These are just a few of our projects.  Other countries which we have sold structures to are: The Marshall Islands, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, PNG, Mauritania, Ghana, Senegal, and Pakistan.

The work carried out by Taurus Fabric Build is diverse, often requiring creativity and product knowledge to bring the best solution to the customer.  We have a huge network of product expertise we can source according to the specific needs of a project

Operations Director David Burston

David has marketed over one thousand fabric structures and has installed over a hundred structures since early 2005. In this journey he has had to face and overcome many site and structure challenges. These included a  troop of baboons appearing under his Elevated Work Platform on a West African install site, while doing the final QA checks.

He has had a varied background, operating businesses in agriculture, aquaculture, earthmoving,  building and environment rehabilitation. He has also worked in the fields of  creating new industries, quality assurance, business and communication coaching and running a coworking space supporting entrepreneurs.  

This broad knowledge, from years of hands on experience, together with the Taurus Fabric Build skilled installation team, plus a wide network of professional associates, enables Taurus to produce solutions that will make you more efficient and profitable.


Some of the clients service by David Burston’s companies:

Alliance Contracting P/L
Anglo Coal Australia P/L API Services
Atlas Copco Australia
Atlog (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Austral Construction Pty Ltd
Australian Defence Forces
AV West
Axiome (New Caledonia)
Baulderstone Pty Ltd
BHP Billiton Australia
Byrne Civil Engineering
Byrnecut Mining
C & M Engineering (PNG)
Coates Hire
Complete Portables
Conneq i.Power
Discovery Metals (Botswana)
Downer Australia
Exact Mining
GD Pipelines
Grove Group
Hastings Deering
Hofmann Engineering
Holland Commodities International
K. K. Kingston Ltd (PNG)
Karratha Dampier Taxi Service
Leighton Contractors
Lycopodium Minerals P/L

McConnell Dowell
Maritime Constructions
Monadelphous Group Ltd
Muswellbrook Crane Services
National Vegetation
Newcrest Mining Company
Nordev Contractors P/L O’Donnell Griffin
OPC Pty Ltd
Orica Mining Services
Ostwald Bros
PIHA Pty Ltd
R J Vincent & Co
Rio Tinto Ltd
Saipem Australia
Salmon Earthmoving Services
Sunstate Cement
Tradecorp International
Toll NQX
Universal Group of Companies

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