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The photos below link to the fabric structure gallery  for the structure or activity related to the structures. These are a small selection of the installations and buildings since 2005 that the Taurus team has been responsible for. During this time the designs have been upgraded as well as the strength of the structures which have to withstand ever increasing storm events, no matter where you are based.




























Gallery for the range of potential fabric structures and their variations

The fabric structure gallery shows the wide range of structures the Taurus Fabric Build team has sold or installed across Australia and in New Caledonia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Senegal and the Pacific Islands.

These structures have ranged from forty metres wide and forty metres deep, (supplied by Schwarzmann from Slovenia)  to small purpose built shade houses. They have been shipping container mounted, post mounted, mounted on the ground using “A” frames and have been mounted on the side of existing buildings.

Their uses have included aircraft hangars, general storage, equipment maintenance depots, bulk materials storage and as factory buildings. For some of our clients we have designed large long structures for the clients main depot, which can be broken down into shorter lengths, if the client needs small buildings at their satellite depots in the future.

It is this flexibility that is very attractive to many of our clients.

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