Aircraft Hangars using Fabric Structures

The gallery and notes below on fabric aircraft hangars give an overview of their benefits.

Benefits of fabric structures used for hangars


Aircraft hangars made from fabric structures

Fabric structures can make ideal hangars for aircraft. This is one of the ten at Penfield Airport, Sunbury in Victoria

Aircraft hangars made from fabric structures have several advantages over traditional steel hangars. 

  1. On some regional and local airports, once you install a fixed hangar, they become the property of the airport. The fabric structures can be relocated so in most cases the ownership is maintained by the person who built the hangar. The hangars are anchored down by using removeable angle driven star pickets, eliminating the need for concrete foundations. (Always check with the airport for their local policies before building your hangar.)
  2. Taurus Fabric Build hangars are ideal for airshow managers. The Avalon Airshow used several of our hangars for their international event in Victoria. Each year they would pack them up and store them for the next year or use them for other events.
  3. If you are in a warmer region then you will find the your fabric hangar up to 15 degrees C cooler than a steel clad structure. This is because the steel cladding absorbs the heat, then radiates the heat to the internal space of the building. A white fabric with a silver backing reflects the light and the heat. Green is the coolest of the coloured fabrics, but sustains more ultraviolet light damage than the white fabric, leading to a shorter lifespan in UV intense areas.

The larger the hangar, the more cost effective per plane – If you are considering building a hangar and you have the opportunity of housing more than one aircraft, give it some serious thought. A single aircraft has a large footprint with much wasted space. Two aircraft can have a 30-40% larger footprint, and three aircraft can use 50-60% more area than a single aircraft. We have had clients who have decided to make their aircraft hangar large enough for multiple planes with the rental costs paid by the other aircraft more than covering the finance costs of the hangar.

The present aircraft hangars have a 2.4m base to the supporting “A” frame. Your base is 4.8m wider than the internal size. Low set wings and tail planes can often utilise a metre or more of this space, especially when you are housing more than one plane. This space is also a good storage area or place where you can set up a workbench for general maintenance of the planes.


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