Container Mounted Shelter Systems

The following gallery and notes below give you some of the many uses of container mounted shelter systems.


Fabric structures that are designed to suit your individual needs

Container Mounted Shelter Systems at Salmon Earthmoving

Container mounted shelter systems at Salmon Earthmoving south of Brisbane

Container mounted shelter systems come in many shapes and sizes. See the gallery images for examples. The key benefit container mounted fabric structures bring is;

  1. They are a much cooler working environment in high temperature regions. Some customers have reported that it is up to 15degC cooler, making working conditions more productive when compared with iron clad buildings.
  2. You can leave a gap between containers on the sides, for a cross breeze in very hot climates.
  3. You can use a container to block under the partial end wall in a cold winter. It can be shifted to create a breeze way in a hot summer.
  4. The silver lining of the white/silver polyethylene covers gives a very even reflected light for night maintenance crews.
  5. Container mounted dome buildings are relatively simple to install and relocate ensuring you maintain value in your asset.

Container mounted fabric structures give you secure storage and office space in the containers. They also provide a large working space between the containers under the fabric roof. If the structure is anchored on the outside of the containers it keeps them cool and lowers energy costs for offices and workshops. This configuration also gives you extra storage space on top of the containers.

All fabric structures supplied by Taurus Fabric Build come with full plans and engineering to meet local government requirements.

We are here to work with you from initial siting of the structure, the most effective design and layout for your needs and the most efficient installation.

Taurus Fabric Build supplies shipping containers, twistlocks and other container hardware, plus organises the most cost effective container transport.

We can arrange an install team, supply a supervisor or be on the end of the phone if your team has any questions.

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