Dome Buildings – Ground or Post Mounted

Dome buildings have been shown in this gallery to demonstrate the range and the flexibility of these structures. As the years have progress, we started work with fabric structures in 2005, designs have changed so we have included some of the older models to show the progression.

Fabric to the ground dome buildings

Dome building by Allshelter

Dome buildings make excellent hangars

This picture shows Ryan Heggies hangar in Nyngan. Ryan is a dentist and services a wide area of outback NSW in Australia and his plane make this achievable. The hangar  14m deep and 14m wide to the supporting pillars which extend on the base for another 2m approx.  It is secured to the ground using angle driven steel fence posts, internally and externally. 

For a hangar or truck depot this gives considerable extra storage space in addition to the 14m clear span.  The dome building hangars are cool and protect your equipment from rain, snow or sun weather damage. They can be relocated if need be in future, which can be important on community aerodromes where steel permanent structures can become the property of the aerodrome once installed.  


Post mounted Dome Buildings

Post mounted fabric structure

A post mount dome structure at Cape Flattery silica mines in Far North Queensland

Post mounted dome buildings allow full access and in this case, breezes along the length of the building. From memory this was a 16m wide by 30m long structure that was about 12 years old. The cover was damaged in a cyclone so the Taurus Fabric Build team checked the structure to make sure it was 100% before recovering. Normally the cover costs about 25% of the structure, and you can expect 8-12 years life out of a polyethylene cover.

As you can see the structure looks like a brand new structure with its new pajamas on 🙂 These type of dome buildings are ideal for school yards, maintenance facilities, horse dressage arenas and areas where you want shelter from the sun and rain. By using a beam the post spacings can be widened and posts heightened to meet your requirements. The height of the arch can be modified for walkways or where you need the structure to blend in aesthetically.  



Hybrid Structures

Building-to-post dome buildings

Increasing the protected work area next to your building or between buildings can lift productivity and efficiency.

Have you ever looked beside you main building and found that it tends to be the place where things get dumped in rather a haphazard way? AMI in Cairns decided this was the case and they needed to be able to fit out container mounted electrical control rooms in whatever the tropical weather gave them.   They used their own building engineer to certify that the dome building could be fixed to their existing structure, then used shipping containers to provide extra storage close to the end use of many of their fixtures and fittings.

This resulted in a much more efficient process, with the bonus that wet weather or high heat were not an issue. Most building can be attached to safely, as the dome buildings have higher uplift forces than down forces, the reverse of most traditional building, but you will require an engineers confirmation for most building certification processes. Taurus Fabric Build will supply the engineering for the fabric structure for your building engineer.    



Large Buildings to suit your needs

Mining bulk storage fabric structure

Industrial Dome Building at Talison Lithium mines WA

If you need a large purpose built dome building Taurus Fabric Build is there to work through your needs and ensure you end up with a structure that is easy to install which increases your productivity and efficiency.

Because the forces exerted on a dome building are predominantly uplift overhead conveyor belts or other delivery mechanisms can normally be fitted with minimal modifications to the building. In this case web trusses were used so there was a full width opening for the loaders to access the piles of material without having to go in an out of a restrictive doorway. This made the loading of trucks much more efficient.              



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