Factory Buildings made from Fabric Structures

The following gallery and notes runs through some of the fabric clad factory buildings we have installed.

Creating Industrial Buildings from Fabric Structures

There are a number of scenarios where fabric structures are ideal for industrial buildings

  1. Increasing production area – The Picture shows how i.Power Solution in Cairns which makes containerised electrical switch solutions for mines and industry increased productivity and efficiency. Utilising what was the outside area so they can now have two or more units being assembled in any weather conditions. The second benefit is the many of the components are stored in the containers right next to the work rather than in the stores on the other side of the main building, keeping them steps away from the job
  2. Testing the waters – When you are developing a business sometimes you need to test the waters before committing to a major capital development. Using a large free standing fabric structure gives you the uninterrupted floorspace to fine tune your equipment and configuration. Fabric structures can be made to carry roof conveyor belts or overhead gantries, ensuring that product or components can be shifted easily.
  3. Future reconfigurationWe have had situations where we have quoted long large buildings for bulk products or as a storage area as a receival depot close to the port. The structures were designed so as they could be split inti two or three sections and could utilised in future  at their other locations as multiple smaller structures.
  4. Handling a spike in volume  – We have had clients where they have had a short term spike in goods that have needed to be stored and they have opted to lease fabric structures for six months. Others have bought the fabric structures and sold them after the need has finished or used them at other locations of their business. The fabric structures are very compact when they are stored and it takes a footprint of three square metres a little over one metre high for an 18m x 18m structure. 
  5. Low environmental impact – It is possible to install a fabric structure so it can be removed, leaving the land as it was before the project started. We had a solar panel manufacturer who wanted to create a low environmental impact factory building  next to the site where the panels were to be installed. All the machinery and flooring was to rest on removeable screw piles and the structure held down with angle driven rod bases.     

By using fabric structures for an expanding manufacturing business it gives you the breathing space and flexibility for trials and to plan ahead with a higher degree of certainty.

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